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You can either perform Advanced Patent Searches at ESPACENET Databases or a Number Search for European Patents.

Advanced Patent Searches at Esp@cenet :

  • STEP 1:
    Select SEARCH Option.


  • STEP 2:
    Select the ESPACENET Patent Database you want to search in.


    • Worldwide : Search Published Applications from 90+ countries.

    • EP : Search complete collection including full text of European Published Applications.

    • WIPO : Search complete collection including full text of PCT Published Applications.

  • STEP 3:
    Enter the Search Terms.

    Depending on your ESPACENET Database selection, you can search for these advanced search terms:

    • Title of the European Patent

    • Abstract of the European Patent

    • Publication Number with or without country code

    • Application Number

    • Priority Number

    • Publication date

    • Applicant(s) Name

    • Inventor(s) Name

    • International Patent Classification (IPC)

    • Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC Codes)

  • Click   to Search the ESPACENET Database at European Patent Office based on your Terms/Fields.
    Click   to clear the Search Terms and perform a new Search

ESPACENET Number Search:

  • STEP 1:
    If you know the Patent Number, you can do a number search and download the patent.Select DIRECT DOWNLOAD Option to download directly.


  • STEP 2:
    Select Worldwide, EP or WIPO database.


  • STEP 3:
    Enter the Patent Number With or Without the Country Code.


ESPACENET Patent PDF Download:

  • If you performed Advanced ESPACENET Patent Search, select the desired Patent from the Search Results and Click the Download Button.

  • If you performed ESPACENET Patent Search by Number, Click the Download Button.

  • Click   to Download the Patent from ESPACENET as a PDF .

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