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Assignments On The Web(AOTW)

Search for all the patent assignments and changes in ownership for issued patents and published applications.



  • Reel/Frame Query (Ex:020252/0217)
    Enter at least 1 digit in the reel field and then tab to the frame field to enter at least 1 numeric digit.

  • Patent Number Query (Ex:8000000)
    Search assignments based on Patent issued.

  • Publication Number Query (Ex:20040002535)
    Search assignments based on Published Applications.

  • Assignor Name Query
        Assignee Name Query
        Assignor/Assignee Name Query

    User must enter at least 2 characters for a name search.
    To reduce the number of records returned, more specific search criteria should be entered.
    Enter the name SMITH (without a comma) all records that contain the name SMITH will be displayed.
    However if you enter SMITH,(with a comma) only records beginning with SMITH, will be displayed.
    Individual names are stored in the database by last name followed by first name or first name initial.

  • Assignee Name Index Query
        Assignor Name Index Query

    Enter at least 1 character (alpha and/or numeric) to execute a name index search. This type of search permits the user to browse the assignment assignee records alphabetically. An index search returns all records starting with the entered character(s) and continuing through all assignment (assignee or assignor) records that follow alphabetically.
    The results from conducting an Assignee Name Index search provides an Assignee Summary screen and contains additional queries for each property number and each name displayed. Please see "Assignee Name Index Query" above for additional information.

  •   USPTO Search  Searches may only be conducted using one search element field at a time.

    Depending on your query, All data associated with the recorded assignment will be displayed.
    The search results contain assignment details for a specific recorded assignment.

    Additional Queries Available

    Selecting a Property or Assignment from the Search Results List will enable any further available searchable queries .
    Click on any available additional query for further results.
    Assignor(Assignee) search query produces an Assignor(Assignee) Summary and additional queries for each property number and each name displayed.

    Select to Get and View Patents

    Selecting a Property or Assignment from the Search Results List will enable any available Patent or Publication for download.
    Select Patent or Publication option for immediate download.


    You can View the Abstract for a Patent/Publication in a couple of ways:

    • When you download a patent, ipMAGNET simultaneously gets both the Full PDF Image and the Abstract Page.
      The Abstract is displayed in the Abstract Viewer.

    • Select a Patent or Publication from the Search Results and Click   , which will open the Abstract Page for that patent in the Viewer.
      Navigate to next/prev abstracts using the Abstract Navigation Buttons
      If both Patent and Publication exists for any selected row, select either Patent or Publication option

        Export to Excel.
    Export the Assignment Query Results into Excel Spreadsheet.


        Export to Word.
    Export the Abstract Page to Word Document.

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