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USPTO Patent Number Download

Search and Download USPTO Patent and Publication by Number:INSTANT DIRECT DOWNLOAD


Patent Download by Number

You can Download any Issued Patent, Patent Application or Published Application available at the USPTO Database directly using this feature either as a FULL PDF or individual Front Page, Specification,Drawing or Claim Sections.

  • STEP 1 :Select Patent Type.
    For Patents, Default is Utility. For Non-Utility patents, Select the Patent Type.
    For Publications, you dont have to select the Type.

  • STEP 2 : Enter Patent or Publication Number.
    You don't have to enter the Letters. Just the Numbers.
    ipMAGNET will append the appropriate Letter based on your Type Selection

    All patent numbers must be seven characters in length, excluding commas, which are optional.
    All Publication numbers must be 11 characters in length.

  • STEP 3 : Download and View the Patent.



Select a Downloaded Patent from the Download Center.

  • View the PDF Image of the Downloaded Patent

  • View the ABSTRACT Page of the Downloaded Patent

  • You can use these navigational buttons to get the Next/Prev PDF or Abstract Images.

  • You can Stop the download at any time if it is taking too long to connect to the USPTO Database.


You can View the PDF Images for a Patent/Publication in a couple of ways depending on your preferences which can be set from the OPTIONS Menu

  • External PDF Viewer :
    PDF Image will be opened using your default PDF Viewer
    The Abstract HTML is displayed in the Abstract Viewer.

  • Embedded ipMAGNET Viewer :
    PDF Image will be opened in the Embedded ipMAGNET Viewer.
    This is the default setting to Display PDF Image.

  • You can change these settings from the OPTIONS Menu.


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