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USPTO Patent Search Automation


Search and Display 1000 USPTO Patent and Application results at a time with Single Click.

USPTO Patent Search

Based on your Search Terms, the patent search results will be displayed, 50 at a time.

If your Search yields a large number of results, you can naviagate to any patent result in this list with ease using the search navigational buttons.
With just a Single Click, ipMAGNET Searches upto 1000 results.

  • First 50 Patents
    Displays the First 50 patent search results..

  • Prev 50 Patents
    Displays the Previous 50 patent search results..

  • Next 50 Patents
    Displays the Next 50 patent search results. Keep clicking to view the next 50 until you reach the end of the search results.

  • Last 50 Patents
    Displays the Last 50 patent search results

  • Patent Range
    Searches and Displays the Range of results with a Single Click.Available options are 300, 500, 1000 at a time.

    To give an example.
    If Your Search Yields 5000 results USPTO ipMAGNET
    No of Clicks to Display all 5000 results 100 5
    No of Results Displayed at a time 50 All 5000
    Now you have easy access to all 5000 results in one screen . Just select the Patents that needs to be downloaded. .

  • patent-search-jump
    At any given time, you can quickly access any patent within the search result range.

  • patent-search-reset
    .Clears the Search Terms to perform a new patent Search

  • stop
    While Searching, sometimes due to the congestion at the USPTO Network, it might slow down the Search. You can Click STOP to end the Search.


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