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USPTO Quick and Advanced Patent Searches

Search and Download Full-Text Abstract and PDF Images for Issued Patents and Published Applications from USPTO Database using both Quick and Advanced Searches.


USPTO Patent Search


You can Search the Entire USPTO PatFT (Patents Full-Text) and AppFT (Applications Full-Text) Databases using both Quick and Advanced Searches.
 Switch between Quick and Advanced from the Search Center. USPTO Search Type

  • Quick Search
    USPTO Quick Search

    Select the required USPTO Field to Search from the pull down menu and enter the Term to Search.
    To Narrow the Search, select the second Field and Term.
    For Multiple Terms, you can choose the Boolean Operator.
    To search for Patents older than 1976 at the USPTO, select and set the Years.

  • Advanced Search
    USPTO Advanced Patent Search

    This Search is for users who are familiar with the advanced USPTO Search Field Codes.
    In the Advanced Search Box, you have to enter Field Code/Your Search Terms.
    For Ex:,To Search for golf club, you have to enter TTL/"golf club".

  • Patent Search Search the USPTO database based on your Terms/Fields

  • Reset Patent Search Clear the Search Terms and perform a new Search

  • Patent Search Navigation
    These Search Buttons will help you to quickly navigate to any Search Result with ease.
    NEXT 300 will quickly Search and displays the Next 300 results with a Single Click. You can change this Range from 300 - 1000 at a time from the Options Menu.




Based on your Search Terms, the patent search results will be displayed, 50 at a time.

  • First 50 Patents
    Displays the First 50 patent search results..

  • Prev 50 Patents
    Displays the Previous 50 patent search results..

  • Next 50 Patents
    Displays the Next 50 patent search results. Keep clicking to view the next 50 until you reach the end of the search results.

  • Last 50 Patents
    Displays the Last 50 patent search results

  • Patent Range
    Searches and Displays the Range of results with a Single Click.Available options are 300, 500, 1000 at a time.

    To give an example.
    Your Search Yields 5000 results USPTO ipMAGNET
    No of Clicks to Display all 5000 results 100 5
    No of Results Displayed at a time 50 All 5000
    Now you have easy access to all 5000 results in one screen . Just select the Patents that needs to be downloaded. .

  • patent-search-jump
    At any given time, you can quickly access any patent within the search result range.

  • patent-search-reset
    .Clears the Search Terms to perform a new patent Search

  • stop
    While Searching, sometimes due to the congestion at the USPTO Network, it might slow down the Search. You can Click STOP to end the Search.


Select a Patent from the Search Results and start downloading the Patent.

  • Simultaneously Downloads both Patent PDF and Abstract HTML Page.
    To view a previously downloaded Patent PDF, select it from the Search List and Click this button.

  • Downloads only the Abstract HTML Page.
    To view a previously downloaded Patent Abstract, select it from the Search List and Click this button.

  • You can use these navigational buttons to get the Next/Prev PDF or Abstract Images.

  • You can Stop the download at any time if it is taking too long to connect to the USPTO Database.
    User Abort message will be displayed in the Download Column.

MULTIPLE Downloads and Status

You can Select upto 10 Patents at a time and download them all at once with just a Single Click.
All the selected patents will be Queued to be downloaded.

Start Downloading the Selected Patents by clicking or

For every selected Patent, detailed progress and status messages
will be displayed in the Download Column.

When the download is finished, a Complete message
will be displayed next to the Patent.


You can View the PDF Images for a Patent/Publication in a couple of ways depending on your preferences which can be set from the OPTIONS Menu

  • External PDF Viewer :
    PDF Image will be opened using your default PDF Viewer
    The Abstract HTML is displayed in the Abstract Viewer.

  • Embedded ipMAGNET Viewer :
    PDF Image will be opened in the Embedded ipMAGNET Viewer.
    This is the default setting to Display PDF Image.

  • You can change these settings from the OPTIONS Menu.


Additional investigation on any selected Patent can be done using these practical features.

    Step 1: Select a Patent from the Search Results.

    Step 2: From the Advanced Features Menu Select one of the Four Options.

  • Find Publication/Patent :Locates and downloads an issued Patent for any selected Publication and Vice-Versa

  • Biblio Search: Extract Searchable Biblio Terms for any Patent

  • Backward Citations : Search Backward Citations for any Patent

  • Forward Citations : Search Forward Citations for any Patent

  • You can come back to this Screeen by Clicking GO BACK From any of those Screens.,


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